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About us
GrauGlasses stands for exclusive and unusual luxury vintage glasses and sunglasses for an individual eyewear look from various famous designer from the 80's through present.

In our extensive assortment, you will find luxurious and unique brands from top- designers as well as true rarities. You can find anything from timeless classics like aviator sunglasses, crazy styles or just classic round glasses up to real pieces of art in our shop.

Dive into our world of unusual fascinating vintage glasses and vintage sunglasses, luxury designer eyewear that will underline your personality. The most beautiful jewelry you can wear.

We invite you to discover a rare and individual world of genuine vintage glasses and sunglasses from elegant classics to crazy and wonderful collectors’ items. Most of our vintage products are from the 80s and 90s. At this time they broke new grounds in respect of quality, functionality and they're even still state of the art until today.

Some of them are very very seldom special pieces of art. We are proud to offer to you this wonderful limited productions of iconic styles.

For those who still haven't found what they are searching for don't hesitate to contact us!
We are always on tour for you to find new treasures, discover trends and brands.

Remarkable Collections
We offer a broad assortment of classy Designer glasses from Alain Mikli, Armani, BOSS, BOEING, Bugatti, Carrera, Cartier, Cazal, DIOR, GUCCI, Jaguar, Jean Paul Gaultier, JOOP, Matsuda, Metzler, Mikli, Persol, Playboy, Porsche Design, Ray Ban, Roman Rothschild, Silhouette, Theo, Versace, Zollitsch and many other rare brands and Designers

Preferred Partner
Benefit from our extensive network. Through close worldwide cooperation with Opticians and specialized dealer networks, we are able to offer you a splendid and exclusive product range of glasses.

Individual consultation
We are here to help. We engage with you in a detailed examination of your needs to find the right glasses for you and your requirements. You then simply go to an optician of your choice who will help to adapt your dream glasses to your individual prescription lenses.

Great Service
I am walking down the street and notice an elderly woman with a stick walking on the other side. The bin man drops off the empty bin and walks into the house behind the elderly woman. Then I hear the bin man saying „where do you want your shopping bags to go to?“ the elderly woman replies „right up stairs“ the bin man answers „I will bring them up in a minute I just need to bring the bin downstairs“.

We like this story as it mirrors our beliefs of helping and servicing the community. You can see this in our processes and delivery operations throughout our services.

Competent Employees
We live a friendly and reliable service seven days a week. Each individual employee is aware of the responsibilities to you and will do everything to not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. After all, your satisfaction is our desire. To meet our and your expectations, to be knowledgeable and informed about the latest trends and developments our employees regularly attend training courses, fairs and exhibitions.

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