The History of the First Glasses | The First Vintage Glasses

Eyeglass designer Moss Lipow trawled eBay, auction houses, just as we do for you today. Garage salees, and flea markets worldwide to amass glasses and photographs for his massive eyewear collection.

In this blog we would like to invite you to take part of an evewear's journey over the past 500 and more years, features the best examples from Lipow's collections well as models from other world-class collections.

Considering the wealth of examples included herein from the most rudimentary whalebone eye guard to curious contraptions fashioned of leather and wood to lorgnettes, pince nez, monocles, aviators, and bedazzled cat-eyes – it's abundantly clear that eyewear has experienced a surprising and fascinating evolution; what was once a purely practical apparatus has grown t into a multi-billion global industry catering to both the visually impaired and the fashionable inclined.

The following image examples in this wide-ranging spectrum are accompanied with insightful descriptions informed by a wide variety of sources, including ancient texts, old catalogues, vintage magazines, and out-of-print publications of every kind.


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